• About Us

    SDC Productions has been operating as a Gold Coast Video Production Company for almost 5 years. Formerly know as Scarlet Films, SDC Productions was created by Noel Evans an Industry Professional with many more years experience.

  • People

    SDC Video Productions on the Gold Coast works with industry known and respected cast and crew. We innovate by creating processes to ensure we get the right people should the job be large or small.


    Noel Evans is an award winning Director.

  • Our MO

    By creating beautifully stunning imagery blah blah blah. What a lot of horse manure. It's simple, provide quality service, deliver on time and on budget and deliver a product that brings you $$$. We aim to be the best Video Production service on the Gold Coast and South East Queensland.

  • Pre Production

    Pre production refers to everything that happens prior to the shoot. In our case, the biggest part of the processes is determining and understanding how to deliver a product that ensures a maximum return on investment for you and your business. 

  • Production

    Is capturing all the visuals / animations / sounds that will go together to build your end product.

  • Post Production

    Is the process of putting everything together to ensure it meets our agreed upon outcomes.

    In our post production process we create an initial Alpha Edit. This is an edit that should almost entirely match your desired outcomes. From there we take feedback from you and your stakeholders to create the finished product. Simple.