At SDC Productions we believe in bringing the right tools for the job. 


SDC Productions in house camera of choice is the Canon EOS C300. It offers high end cinema style log file options, married with fast workflows, incredible low light performance to help keep night shoot budgets down and is versatile in almost any shooting environment, whether that be in the studio or out on a trail.



SDC Productions were proud to be one of the first adopters of the Canon EOS C300 on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia and globally. Simply, we can make it sing in production and post production.



Sometimes, the C300 may not be the best choice so, for Gold Coast Video and Film production we work with our network of local rental houses to get the best rates for RED Epic, Alexa and any other camera system that may be the best for the job at hand.



 The Canon EOS C300 was named the TIPA best Professional   video camera of 2012 - more info can be found by clicking  >>>HERE


 This is what Rodney Charters ASC tweeted after reviewing the camera. (Cinematographer on 24 and now Dallas).






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